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Dracula Exotica


From 1980 comes DRACULA EXOTICA, starring Jamie Gillis in his second appearance as Dracula. Unlike DRACULA SUCKS, this version is set in the present for the most part.. For some reason, Dracula is referred to as Leopold Michael George Count Dracula and to make it worse, it seems to be repeated fairly often allowing you to constantly be reminded of how goofy it sounds. It begins with Gillis giving us his best Bela Lugosi impression as he voice-over narrates his tragic history. The Count is royalty and is taken with the virginal gamekeeper's daughter played by the overwhelmingly non- virginal Samantha Fox. The first sex scene is a typical drunken orgy with bad table manners and Ron Jeremy. Also a girl is put in stocks, whipped and fucked from behind. But Drac wants the virgin Sirka and after he finds her, he promptly rapes her. The next day she commits suicide and Dracula swears his life to eternal darkness or the equivalent. A few hundred years later and Dracula's castle is a tourist attraction in a communist country. Dracula wants to go to America and gets a passport from a commie agent to do so. In the meantime, what appears to be Dracula's rape victim Sirka has been reincarnated as Sally, an F.B.I. Agent. The Bureau is after Dracula who they believe is a commie spy, not aware that he is a vampire. One thing I learned by this point in the flick is the difficulty in eating pussy while wearing false vampire teeth. Dracula gets to New York and sets himself up as some sort of cultural liason, auditioning prospective talent. The movie is able to establish some low budget vampire atmosphere from time to time, usually with a fog machine. Things heat up when the always reliable Vanessa Del Rio enters the picture, what with her mutant like abilty to suck a cock. After taking on a few dudes, she is vampirized while trying to mug Dracula. When Drac learns of her typing ability she is promoted to personal secretary. But not before a pretty funny and slightly sick scene where her corpse is fucked by a horny medical examiner, toe tag and all. It's even a bit tense as you know she's gonna wake up at any moment. Samantha Fox's Sally is no innocent virgin in this reincarnation and has a scene with porn stalwart Bobby Astyr where she's a naughty little girl with a lollypop who takes out commie Astyr by putting a luger up his ass. Del Rio comes back for a domination scene with a cop before the end and Fox masturbates with a candle before consumating her affair with Dracula. For whatever reason, once Dracula fucks Sally they both become pigeons who fly away, even managing to crap on the cops as they do. Gillis always seemed fairly evil in his other porn roles and makes a better Dracula than say, Roger Engel. The accent comes and goes but it doesn't really matter. The production values are okay for something this low budget and it comes off no worse than many independent affairs. The sex scenes are best when Del Rio is on but the rest are pretty competant, though pretty standard. It seems there should've been a good ass fucking scene in there somewhere, 'cus it's EVIL, but no. I suspect the director, Warren Evans, is actually Sean Costello (WATER POWER) who is usually filthier so maybe this was his mainstream porn alias. Whoever it is, does a pretty good job and could probably have made a decent enough straight horror flick. It's not boring and would make good back to back viewing with NOCTURNA for a night of nostalgic entertainment. It's too bad the dvd quality is so poor; very dark and washed out and would seem to be straight from vhs but I doubt it will be offered any other way.